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Carmine Di Giandomenico - Disegnatore Di Flash per la Dc Comics

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3DAGAIN si occupa di arte digitale, ma a volte ci piace fare qualche eccezione.
Abbiamo incontrato al Bgeek 2018 Carmine Di Giandomenico attualmente disegnatore principale della serie Flash scritta da Joshua Williamson, della DC Comics.

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Karolina Sereikaite - Interview

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Hello Karolina, thank you for your time.

1) Just for start... can you tell us "who is you" and what do you do in the world of VFX?
I'm Karolina Sereikaite, a director, 3D Artist and founder of Catalysee. Catalysee is more of a brand name, which stands for design change viewed from a catalyst personality eyes (my own). You can see my work and all of the main social platforms.  I focus on photo realistic macro looking CG and all kinds of emmersive 3D watery design for commercial work and creative projects. 3D watery design is a concept I made to define design based on fluid simulations and make sure all process from the idea to tests and final result is included. Design solves problems. It's about time we solve some focusing on quality of design made with fluid simulations. That is why I've created LearnWateryDeisgn platform. To help spread the quality through all of our work. To help people to save years of energy and dig to the point in their workflow, building right skills and sustaining inspiration. LearnWateryDeisgn Masterclass enrollment is closed, but I continue provide free useful content and Particle Monthly (coming out soon (depending on the day you're reading this it may be up already!) to help you dig a little deeper into fluid simulations & design of it.

2) Can you tell us what kind of study you do?
I am a self-taught CG Artist, and I had to go through all of the struggle to combine it all from peaces. I literally was sleeping for 4 hours for few years and learning/working all of the wake ones. I had an honor to get tremendous amount of experience working at KORB, which I am grateful for. However, it was time for me to leave, because I wanted to create more watery design and recover my burnoout (health problems). I got up and found extremely sustaining creative habits and things started to bloom in different colors. That is when I realised I want to share my experience with others to help them built it without any big "crashes" in their life. That is why I've created LearnWateryDesign. Other than that, I continue to improve my own skills and specify my own style while focusing more and more on creative projects. Community I've built by far has made an extreme inspiration through people and me included, and I am sure even greater future awaits for all of us on Catalysee and LearnWateryDesign platform.

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