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Fady Kadry's Interviews - CGArtist

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Welcome to Fady Kadry. Thank you for accepting our interview.

First of all I’d like to thank you for making this interview with me

1) How was your meeting and how growing the passion for 3D?

I started Looking for 3D educational stuff 2009 after I played Crysis , and after a long journey with games ( I was kind of a game seeker ) , And while serving the internet for 3D tutoring sites I came across Digital tutors , this moment was really great because I finally found what I want , a great door way into 3D world , Autodesk Maya what my program of choice when I started my learning Journey My Passion for 3D , especially sculpting will never End , because Sculpting Make me feel too happy and take me away from any kind of trouble I got either at work or home

2) Can you tell us what were your vocational training and your studies?

My studies were tutorial Based ( most of them ) and books , I learned from Digital tutors , Gnomon and many others , I spent great deal of time studying which I decided not to work or apply for work until I feel that I am good enough to apply for work, And a lot of self experiments which I encourage all of you guys to get used to , it is useful way of gain experience over the software ,

3) What is the favorite sector where you think your role is an increased use / enhancement?

I love character and creature type of work , because I dedicated myself to this , I Enjoy every time I do new Characters or Creatures Organic Characters are tough and women are tougher than men while modeling because of the smoothness of their curvatures , This Curvature must be clean and clear which add to the complexity of the model ,

4) How is your work pipeline?

Because of my skill in drawing and painting is very poor ( I have to admit it ) I tend to look for other artists concepts ( those Guys whom teasing me with their super ability of drawing and painting ) When I find that concept , i start to look where I want to begin modeling ( Usually starting from the body , even blocking to be the placeholder of everything on top of it ) I start build the accessories and detailing them ( I Use Maya a lot on this I don’t use Zbrush , because in Maya I have greater control over the mesh , and I leave Zbrush for detailing ) After I finish all the modeling for the accessories I go back to the Body again , Taking the time needed to finish it ,  After all , I make Sure to Write ( UV before Posing ) because I fall into this mistake a lot Uving in multiple patches are good . giving you the maximum quality you can get where you need , especially if you have planed where your camera will be close and where not Unfortunately I didn’t work for a movie before or a close up in commercial before but I do this in my personal projects And then come the texture Phase , I start with accessories and leaving the body at the end because it always need a special treatment

5) What is your work at present?

My work at preset is a Modeler at Aroma design and solution in Cairo, Egypt , A studio for advertising and commercials ( rarely we do something need characters which is too bad ) My role there is Modeling and texturing

6) What are your favorite software and why? What do you think

My favorite software for Modeling and rendering is Autodesk Maya Sculpting I use Zbrush Uving I use uvlayout Texture painting I love Mari ( especially Mari 2 is too great ) and photoshop For compositing I use photoshop

7) Do you have any advice for our readers ? What would you recommend to young people who begins with the 3D/VFX now?

My advise to the readers is ,, Enjoy your time while you do art , because if you don’t enjoy it then why you do it , just enjoy , My Advise to Young and Beginners artists is don’t get frustrated when you see other artists work , Make sure they been beginners as well, so keep learning and learn the thing that you love , don’t spend your time learning something that you don’t like for whatever reason , ( Money is the biggest I know ) , ,,,, Just learn what you want to be in the future Keep Practicing Is the key to all success , Try new things and new methods of doing one thing

8) Do you remember some good anecdote about your experience at work?

Actually I have very fantastic and talented artist at work , they are very friendly and helping me a lot , What I really love and remember is , while we staying up late at the studio , when there is deadline , start to talk about any and all things , jokes , movies , football matches anything and suddenly there is silence ,, everybody fall asleep at once ,

9) About your personal works, all exceptional, what is the one of which you are most proud of and which required more study and time?

The most of all is the Old Stayer , because I did him ones , deleted him by mistake and redo it again , I love this piece because it remind me every time how much I love sculpting the one needed more study was the Dark queen (Brad Rigney’s Dark queen) she needed a lot of studying because I used a new Renderer whish is Arnold

10) Last question: what do you think the future holds for the C.G.?

C.G is always in the move to better and better , and I see the future in the Game industry , actually because of the wide variety of stories and the way Engines are able to handle

Thank you to be subjected to the ‘torture’ of our questions. Have a good 3D or better a good 3DAGAIN! We are waiting you on the Forum with one of your next work or Making of.



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