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Ioannis Karathomas's Interview

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Welcome to Ioannis Karathomas, Elder Scroll on line artist. Thank you for accepting our interview.

1) How was your meeting and how growing the passion for 3D?
That's actually an interesting story. I study traditional art and Graphic design but while I was doing reference research I was looking all those graphic designers and web designers that there were incorporating 3d elements to their work so I thought I should learn 3d so I can improve my work. I believe the passion for 3d came right away so I went to Gnomon school to learn more.

2) What was your course of study and How you prepare for the industrial of 3D world?
I took the certificate program at Gnomon school. I took classes from concept design and traditional sculpting to 3d modeling, ringing and lighting.
The course was hard and the classes challenging but that's was the beauty of it . By the end of the program I was train to be a professional without realizing it.

3) How is transformed from a passion to a professional job?
I believe that's something that slowly grows on you. Since i was kind i was always into art  and comics so the choice was easy I said to my self if I'm about to chose a profession I better chose something that I like doing and is fun.  Today I can't think of anything else I would like to do for a living.

4) Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 e World of Warcraft: you have worked for the best games of success in recent years. How was the experience and how did you get there?

I consider my self extremely lucky. I got to work at one of the Best Game studios right after I graduate. The experience was amazing. I learn there how to be a professional and work with others and  I was privilege enough to meet some of the best artist in the industry and learn from them.

5) In this time you working on "The Elder Scrolls online". What your particular role? Can you tell some preview news on it?
I work as an environment artist, My job is to create assets props and buildings to support the game.I'm not in liberty to discuss  the game., The only thing I can say that the game is awesome and is supported by an amazing talented team with great vision and ideas.  

6) Do you have ever work for cinema? What a difference there is between the industry of movie and videogames?
I haven't work to any feature films but I worked on Game cinematics. Now days all the games getting closer and closer to look like movies and with the new game consoles coming out we should expecting to be similar.

7) Can you talk about your creative process: What are your sources of inspiration for your characters?
My process is simple i have an idea I gather reference and built it but the think is I'm taking my inspiration by looking other artists work  study them and learn from it then add the new elements into my design.

8) Can you tell us a "funny" or "particular" situation/episode of your career like as a 3d artist?
I've tried to think of a story but  I couldn't and the reason is that everyday im surounted by interesting co-workers and we share laughs and do practical jokes to each other.  
Yeah my work is fun indeed.

9) What do you like to work in the next future? what is your "secret dream" ?  
I always thought it will cool to work on feature films like Transformers or Kung Fu Panda but I will also like to have an opportunity  to work  on the next gen console game.

10) Would you like to come back in your Country for work?
I would mind unfortunate  there is no game industry in Greece.

11) What do you think will be the future of 3D evaluating knowledge and current technology?
I believe the Technology and the programs are getting better and faster but more complicated and the majority of artist haven't yet master any of them, But Im confident that there is a bright future for the CG industry and in  the next few years and with the better grafic engines Games and Movies will look the same. And that's really exciting

Thank you to be subjected to the ‘torture’ of our questions. Have a good 3D or better a good 3DAGAIN! We are waiting you on the Forum with one of your next work or Making of.



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