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Anselm von Seherr-Thoss' Interview - Incendii VFX Company

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Welcome to Anselm von Seherr-Thoss. Thank you for accepting our interview.

1) Hello Anselm, thank you for your time... well, start with the "classic" question... Can you tell us how and when did you start with 3D ?

Hi guys! Thanks for having me here :)
My background is a classic design degree. Lots of color theory and actual painting/crafting :) 3D is self tought pretty much. Between YouTube and Vimeo you got your self an eduaction! Practical experience i learned through a 6 month internship at SoulPix, one of the vfx houses in my home town Hannover/Germany.

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2) Your resume is long and varied, from what we can see on the web (your web-site, linkedin, vimeo etc ...). What are the differences you've looking from the various sectors (commercial, music, cinema, games, etc...) ?
I like the variety! First of all it is smart to not put all eggs in one basket. Movie vfx is a seasonal business almost. There is summer and fall blockbusters, not much inbetween. Commercials are pretty much all year around with peak times on hoidays like christmas or the SuperBowl which is a big deal here in the USA. Secondly comemrcial and music video productions are much shorter and with far less budget which makes for shorter production times. You don't burn out as much when you only do a show for 3 weeks instead of 3 month go overtime. And i have been there doing movie vfx... Variety keeps it interesting!
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3) What is the favorite sector where you think your role is an increased use / enhancement?
Definitely particle and simulation work. I kinda found mich nitche where i am good at and known for. So most of our gigs here at VFX are particle and simulation related. We do what we are good at.

4) You are also very active on the educational field and, if we don't mistake, in this last time you up-grade the  DVD's Tools Box or not?

I started my own website where the DVDs are available as pay per download and new material that i just recently recorded. I add to it every now and then when i have some time off between projects. It's goign really well and the material is available at a very reasonable price so people actually buy it very frequently!

5) How is your work pipeline?
This deends on the job of cause. Usually i get assets from a client or a story board/animatic and then i set up my scenes. I use what ever tool is best for the job. Sometimes it is Partice Flow, some times it is Thinking Particles and sometimes the legacy particle systems like PArray or SuperSpray :) Then I run iterations of the effect on all our machines if it's the only gig going on at a time which makes for fast turn around. It is a luxury to have 4 workstation to work on parallel, i enjoy it :) For rendering i use Deadline and the clasic Backburner for 3dsmax and amost always render 16 bit EXRs in the format the client requested. Usually i do quick slapcomps to see if the effect works and to show the client. It is hard sometimes to judge an effect on just black.

6) Usually how long it takes a production?
Again this depends on the gig and budget. Can be anythign between a day for a 911-help-out job or months for a bigger movie. The variety makes it durable for years :D

7) What's life like in New Orleans and why you choose to open the headquarters in New Orleans and not in another city (New York, Hollywood, etc. ..)?
Life is awesome here! So much culture. It's a city unlike any other on the US. There is festivals every weekend with music and food and drinks. The reason i am here is my wife :) She is from here. I lived in Los Angeles before that. There is also a lot of filming going on here in town due to the tax credits the studios get. We are the third biggest production place in the country actually behind California and New York. So it makes a lot of sense to be here. The work literally comes to you!

8) What your plans for the future? Can you tell us something?
Definitely expansion. I worked a lot the last 3 years and want to deligate it more. I also want to breach into more fields that way.

9) Do you have any advice for our readers ? What would you recommend to young people who begins with the 3D/VFX now?
Go out and shoot a cool fx video! Yoru cell phone probably shoots 1080p video with sound, all teh skills you need can be learned from YouTube and Vimeo! The tools you need have trail versions. So there is no excuse!

10) Thank you for your time and have a nice day

Well, thanks for having me :)

Thank you to be subjected to the ‘torture’ of our questions. Have a good 3D or better a good 3DAGAIN! We are waiting you on the Forum with one of your next work or Making of.


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